Do you find yourself weary from the traffic of life? This is your stop.

Do you need fresh insight along the oftentimes darkened road?  This is your light.

Are you are searching for increased joy along the way? Join us for the journey.

Encountering God through scripture invites us to take time and reflect on deeper meanings, and it draws us to a point where we desire to know more.

Stoplight Devotionals was born out of a need for daily spiritual insight and guidance in short reads. What started in February 2018 as a text sent daily to one person grew over the coming months to reach an increasingly expanding group of more than 65 contacts of friends, family and coworkers, all part of our daily devotional outreach.

In our Stoplight series we pause briefly in the busy day to savor God’s Word. Together, we’ll discover ways to apply these moments to everyday life and live with greater purpose.

We’ll dive further into scripture in our Road Trip series, where we’ll explore and discover what the Bible has to say in a topical study format, allowing us to embrace a broader understanding of scripture.

I am an ardent Christ-follower whose life has been forever changed by the grace of Jesus.My hope is that you’ll find that same peace and joy that permeates lives only through a genuine relationship with the living God.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we look forward to where our connective roads lead.


Lisa Napier Redding