Monday, September 24, 2018


Teach me Your way, Yahweh,
and I will live by Your truth.
Give me an undivided mind to fear Your name,
I will praise You with all my heart, Lord my God,
and will honor Your name forever.

Psalm 86:11 (HCSB)

Have you ever been through a season of intense trial which left you humbled at the foot of the Cross, wanting to know God in a more personal, intimate way and ready to follow Him? This is the heart God desires for us, from us–a teachable heart ready to seek Him continually as the source of strength, wisdom, and single-minded focus on Him.

Seek the Holy Spirit’s direction and guidance as you read and study your Bible, asking God to give you understanding of the message He has for you today. Meditate on the words, and seek to live by His truth, even when you find it in discord with the messages of the world which try to confound you. No matter the circumstances you face on a daily basis, keeping your eyes focused on the Cross of Christ will keep the path you walk straight. As you do all this you will grow in healthy ‘fear” of God–a reverential awe, worshipful submission and obedient respect of Him. The natural outpouring of this is praise, worship, and adoration of the One who has saved you from the pit.

Where are you in this faith journey today?

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