Thursday, December 13. 2018

“He put his hands on her and immediately she could stand up straight. She praised God.” Luke‬ ‭13:13 EASY‬‬

Jesus healed a handicapped woman! Hallelujah, right? Not to the leader of the meeting who was quite upset That Jesus worked on the Sabbath, a sacred day of rest.


““‘You are wrong,’ the Lord Jesus said to him. ‘You teach one thing but you do something different yourselves. On the day for rest you will undo the rope on your ox or your donkey and take it outside. You then give it water to drink. Is that not true? Now look at this woman. She belongs to the family of Abraham. But a bad spirit from the Devil has made her ill for 18 years. It is like he has tied her up. So it must be right to make her free on our day for rest.’”

‭‭Luke‬ ‭13:15-16‬ ‭EASY‬‬

I wonder how often I have tried to hold back God, dictating how He should bless or provide for me or someone else. I’ve even tried to tell Him the time and type of message He should give me to share with you! How much better when I step back and say, “God, here I am. You already know the need. Show me Your way so that I bring glory to You.” Do you find yourself trying to tell God what you think He should do in a given situation? His way is better. 🚦

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