Wednesday, September 14, 2022

“So I confess my guilt; I am anxious because of my sin. But my enemies are vigorous and powerful; many hate me for no reason. Those who repay evil for good attack me for pursuing good. Lord, do not abandon me; my God, do not be far from me. Hurry to help me, Lord, my Savior.”

Psalms 38:18-22 HCSB

“I can’t win for losing!” Or at least that’s what this forlorn psalmist appears to be expressing in his angst-filled plea to God. His pursuers are relentless, with David’s guilty conscience only weighing him down further. He confesses his sin, but maybe all the sources of his anxiety are not gone.

In her blog, “Beyond the Front Door,” Nancy Lucenay describes cultural dynamics as,

“the values, traditions, beliefs, and attitudes that cause people to do what they do. They’re the hidden assumptions we make about life and the lens through which we interpret our world.”

There is more at play than David’s sin alone, and if he gets caught up in thinking it is all about him, his anxiety will weigh him down completely. Ms. Lucenay’s description of cultural dynamics gained from her years as a missionary in an eastern country give us a glimpse into the realization that other people’s actions toward us are not all about us.

Rightly, David turns it over to God for help. He realizes the issue is out of his control, and power beyond his ability is needed. Our tears should always lead us to the Father for comfort, shelter, and protection. What cares do you need to take to Him today?🚦

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