Friday, December 16, 2022

“I will gather those who have been driven from the appointed festivals; they will be a tribute from you and a reproach on her. Yes, at that time I will deal with all who afflict you. I will save the lame and gather the scattered; I will make those who were disgraced throughout the earth receive praise and fame. At that time I will bring you back, yes, at the time I will gather you. I will give you fame and praise among all the peoples of the earth, when I restore your fortunes before your eyes. Yahweh has spoken.”

Zephaniah 3:18-20 HCSB

For those who have physical, mental, or emotional difficulties, going to big gatherings can be a challenge on multiple levels. Isn’t it a comfort to know that one day we will have new bodies and new minds free from the hindrances that plague us here in the present? All will enjoy a worldwide gathering free of the burdens that once bound us in shackles, free to praise and worship our Heavenly Father with our entire healed beings in all His glory. What a sweet time this will be! 🚦

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