Tuesday, September 27, 2022

“Clap your hands, all you peoples; shout to God with a jubilant cry. For Yahweh, the Most High, is awe-inspiring, a great King over all the earth. He subdues peoples under us and nations under our feet. He chooses for us our inheritance — the pride of Jacob, whom He loves. Selah”

Psalms 47:1-4 HCSB

This morning’s six am phone call from my youngest son yielded a pep talk straight from Dale Carnegie’s “How To Win Friends And Influence People,” convincing me sometimes I have to smile, and the feelings and attitude will follow suit. Likewise, we cannot always wait to worship for the feeling to hit us because God deserves our devotion whether or not we have the emotion in the moment. He will inspire you to greatness as you lift up your voice to Him in gratitude and thanksgiving.

What are you thankful for this morning? Offer God a grateful shout of praise! 🚦

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#praiseoffering #praise #worship #psalms

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