Wednesday, September 28, 2022

“God, within Your temple, we contemplate Your faithful love. Your name, God, like Your praise, reaches to the ends of the earth; Your right hand is filled with justice.”

Psalms 48:9-10 HCSB

Dealing with disappointment can be tough. When reality does not meet up with expectations, where do you turn? How do you respond? After the knee-jerk tears and/or anger subside and thinking clears, where do you take your pent-up frustration?

I wish I could say I immediately take those concerns to the cross where I am told to lay my worry, but it takes me a while. I am thankful for those faithful friends who point me to God’s goodness and faithfulness. You and I can trust God’s timing, His perfect wisdom to say, “yes,” “no,” or “not yet.” What seems unfair will no doubt see justice by the strong right hand of God. He is there in the mix of it, working things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Rom 8:28).

Be still of heart even as you may be called to action. Rest in the knowledge of His faithful righteousness as you move forward in your next steps. He is with you. 🚦

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